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Hong Kong Organ Transplant Foundation is a non-governmental organization founded by Dr. Ho Kai-leung, Kelvin with a group of professionals in 2014. It is a government registered charitable institution. The Foundation dedicates to support the needs of patients with organ failure, organ donors and their families, and to promote organ donation.

The Foundation aims at raising public awareness on organ donation, especially for the younger generation, through organizing various educational activities and publishing teaching toolkits, with a view to helping them develop positive value towards organ donation. The Foundation hopes to help boost the organ donation registration and raise the organ donation rate.

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Mission &  Vision

Raise the Hope

Encourage the public to support organ donation to light up the life of patients with organ failure.

Share the Love

Spread the donor’s spirit of selfless love to the community.

Collate Community Effort

Join hands with government departments, medical, social welfare, education, business and other professional sectors to enhance the strategy of organ donation promotion, as well as raising public awareness.

Educate the Public

Educate the public, especially the younger generation, and help them develop positive value towards organ donation, thereby encouraging registration as organ donors

Pave the Way

Advise government departments on organ donation policies and promotion activities for the benefits of patients with organ failure, organ donors and their families.

Care for the Community

Provide support and information to patients with organ failure, organ donors, families, educational bodies and the community.

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