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A registered NGO in Hong Kong, The Hong Kong Organ Transplant Foundation was established in 2014 by Dr Kelvin Ho with the aim of meeting the needs of patients of organ failure, organ donors and their family members. It also strives to cultivate a culture of voluntary organ donation in our community. The Foundation’s initiatives are focused at driving public enthusiasm for the cause and at encouraging more people to sign up as registered donors. Increasing the number of organ donors can go a long way in reducing the number of deaths resulting from a limited supply of transplantable organs while shortening wait times for patients in crisis.

The Foundation’s Board of Directors is made up of experts from different industries who share a profound commitment to serving people in need. They have combined their strengths and leveraged their respective people and medical networks to make the Foundation an effective vehicle for supporting the needs of patients and for promoting organ donation and registration.

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Mission, Vision and Service Area


– to cultivate a culture of organ donation
– to celebrate the love and compassion shown by organ donors to organ recipients
– to ensure the wishes of beloved deceased family members to be organ donors are fulfilled
– to improve the organ donation process and save more lives on the registered waiting list


– Share the Love : Inspire more people in the community to sign up as organ donors and raise the hopes of patients with organ failure.
– Connect the Community : Leverage social networks to bring people together from government departments; medical, social and welfare sectors; education, business and other professionals to strengthen organ donation awareness
– Clear the Mind : Educate the public, especially members of the younger generation on organ donation to clear up misconceptions and drive enrolment in the organ donor registry.
– Pave the Way : Research, find and implement solutions to organ donation challenges to help patients with organ failure, donors, their families as well as the community at large.
– Be a Beacon of Hope : Provide a supportive environment for patients, donors and the community by providing a wealth of information and resources on organ donation as well as personal counselling services.

Our Services:

Target : The Public

– Teaching materials and interactive games about organ donation to nurture a positive attitude towards organ donation and a sense of responsibility to give back to the community
– Educational seminars and training workshops provide platforms for close, interactive communication between medical experts and members of the public about organ donation.
– Volunteering opportunities deepen understanding of the challenges faced by patients of organ failure, of the process of organ donation and related medical issues.

Target : Organ Donors and Family Members

– Updated medical information, counselling services and other supportive psychological services

Target : Patients of Organ Failure / Patients Waiting for Transplant and Family Members

– Updated medical information, counselling services and other supportive psychological services

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