To support the use of the toolkit, schools can select thematic exhibition and school game booth as one of the school-based activities.

HKOTF provides easy roll banners on the topic of organ donation for schools to organize thematic exhibitions. The exhibition can provide students with a preliminary understanding of the topic, so that students’ awareness of the subject could be raised when organ donation thematic seminar was held later.

Besides, 6 game booths were designed by HKOTF for the seed schools, with topics covering organ donation, food and nutrition, experience of the disabled and learning of rational thinking in daily life. The game booth activity can be held during lunchtime, class teacher period or in school activity day. Student ambassadors are also invited to assist in the game booth operation, to facilitate active participation of the students.

Students of St. Peter’s Secondary School are finding answers to questions about food and nutrition from the exhibition panels.

Students of Caritas Ma On Shan Secondary School participated actively in the games and won rich prizes. 

“I want to say something!” No problem! There is a chance for you to express your feelings to people who have not yet registered as organ donors/organ donors/organ recipients.

“Do you think it is this one?” Through working together to find the answers, students could obtain knowledge of organ donation from the game.

The caring card wall is filled with love from students of The Chinese Foundation Secondary School. It is really touching!

The students are playing with a quiz designed by the Foundation.

Besides placing the location of different organs, students have to match the number of patients waiting for organ transplant of each individual organ.

Good shot! Students wearing props on their arms to imitate people with upper limb disability. The game allows them to experience the limitations of disabled persons in daily life.

Lung recipient Mr. Tang Yiu Tat (right) and kidney recipient Ms. Luk Pou Keng (left) joined the activity to call for support of organ donation. 

In addition to the game booths, an organ donation video corner was set up at The Chinese Foundation Secondary School to allow students and teachers to learn more about organ donation.

Students of HHCKLA Buddhist Ching Kok Secondary School are preparing for the exhibition together.

Staff of the Foundation briefs the student volunteers on the content of the exhibition materials, enabling them to gain a deeper understanding of organ donation.