Editorial Board

Hong Kong Organ Transplant Foundation set up an Editorial Board in June 2020 to provide advice on the format and content of the junior toolkit. The Editorial Board is formed by a total of 8 members, including executive committee members of HKOTF, the education sub-committee and the toolkit writer. Since June, 8 meetings have been held.

The toolkit consists of 4 modules, namely “Holistic Health” (Module 1), “Life Value” (Module 2), “Social Care” (Module 3) and the core theme “Organ Donation” (Module 4). We hope that the moral education perspective of the former 3 Modules would help the younger generation develop positive life value, while at the same time bring out the message of “Organ Donation” in a progressive manner.

Trial Version

The trial version of the teaching toolkit was completed in October 2020. The 15 seeds schools will start their trial teaching from October 2020 to May 2021. We will revise the toolkit trial version taking account of feedback received from teachers. The final version of the toolkit is planned to be published in late 2021.

Members of the Editorial Board provided advice on the preparation of the toolkit. 

With the converted effort of different parties, the trial version of the toolkit was published! The cover design brought out the theme – “Organ Donation for You and Me”. 

“What is Holistic Health”? Teacher from Buddhist Ho Nam Kam College explained it to Form 3 students in a vivid way. 

Students of Sacred Heart Canossian College attended lesson under the trial teaching program.