To support the use of the toolkit, Hong Kong Organ Transplant Foundation arranges seminar for seed schools as one of the school-based activities. 2 main topics are provided for seed schools: 1. Organ Donation (organ recipients as speakers) and 2. Life education (Speakers including Tang Ka Ling, Kelly who was diagnosed osteogenesis imperfecta and physically disabled athletes, Ho Yuen Kei are invited). We hope that the speakers’ stories will help add interest to the topic and improve students’ understanding at the same time.

9 seminars were held since the commencement of the project. Schools other than seed schools under the project had participated in the school seminars.

You have a dream, I have a dream! Ho Yuen Kei encouraged students to be “thankful” and “persistent” in striving for their goal. 

Although physically disabled athletes, Ho Yuen Kei could only deliver the seminar online, students from Sacred Heart Canossian College were still attentive in hearing her story. 

Tang Ka Ling, Kelly delivered a seminar at Yuen Long Catholic Secondary School on 2 November 2020. Kelly shared her story and feeling on “Value of life”. 

Students from Yuen Long Catholic Secondary School showed interest in Kelly’s story and participated actively in the Q&A session. 

Liver recipient, Monita shared her experience when she was ill with students of Tseung Kwan O Government Secondary School. She reminded everyone the importance of maintaining good health!

Physically disabled athletes, Ho Yuen Kei shared with students of Buddhist Hung Sean Chau Memorial College how she overcame difficulties in her daily living and encouraged students to pursue their dreams.

Tang Ka Ling, Kelly shared her life experience with students of CMA Choi Cheung Kok Secondary School. She could not go to school when she was a child. She only learned Chinese by following the lyrics of her idol Leon Lai’s song.

Kidney recipient Mr. Chan Kwok Ming, Peter was invited to share his experience on climbing the Mount Everest Base Camp with students through the Campus TV of Hong Kong Taoist Association The Yuen Yuen Institute No. 3 Secondary School. He expressed his gratitude to the donor who gave him a wonderful life.

Lung recipient, Tang Yiu Tat had hovered between life and death. He told students of St. Peter’s Secondary School, “I am very grateful to the donor’s family who gave me a chance to have a new life!”