The launching ceremony was held by HKOTF on 4 December 2021 in Central Market. Professor Sophia Chan, the former Secretary for Food and Health was invited as the officiating guest. Together with representatives of Quality Education Fund, Committee on Promotion of Organ Donation, Hospital Authority and The Human Organ Transplant Board, as well as the toolkit advisor, they announced the launching of the Junior Toolkit.

HKOTF also invited Mr. Phan Thanh Vinh, a heart recipient and a key person in one of the case studies in the toolkit, and his friends to share Phan’s story before and after the transplant. The video of Phan, “The Story of a Life Fighter”, had its premiere at the Ceremony.

Besides, the Founding President, Dr. Ho Kai Leung, Kelvin and Honorary Secretary Mr. Li Chi Keung, Eliot took the opportunity to announce the result of a student survey conducted by the Foundation. The survey result revealed that among the 4200 F1-F6 students interviewed, almost half (47%) were willing to donate their organs after death while a small percentage (6%) were reluctant to donate. Those who were reluctant to donate were still largely influenced by traditional beliefs and misunderstandings towards organ donation. This reflected that we would still need to continue with education in this subject with a view to raising the awareness of the younger generation in organ donation.

As a token of appreciation to their support on the “Organ Donation for You and Me” toolkit project, certificates were presented to the representatives of seed schools in the launching ceremony. Special thanks were also given to Chinachem Group and Central Market, as sponsor of the venue, and CheckCheckCin as supplier of health drinks in the event.

Professor Sophia Chan, former Secretary for Food and Health appealed for support of the public on organ donation. 

Professor Sophia Chan, former Secretary for Food and Health and other honorable guests placed the magnets which represented the 4 themes of the toolkit on the book to celebrate the launching of the toolkit.

Heart recipients, Mr. Phan Thanh Vinh (second left), friends of Phan, Mr. Liu Yan Lung (second right) and Mr. Hui Yiu Pun (first right) shared their feelings  before and after Phan’s transplant.

Around 70 guests attended the toolkit launching ceremony at Oasis, Central Market, to witness the release of the toolkit.

Founding President, Dr. Ho Kai Leung, Kelvin hoped that a systematic introduction of moral education in junior forms could help the younger generation develop positive value as well as a culture of organ donation.

Our honorable guests took photo with representatives of seed schools, expressing gratitude to their support in the project. 

Honorary Secretary Mr. Li Chi Keung, Eliot talked about the secondary students survey result conducted by the Foundation. 

Organ donation registration booth was set up by Department of Health to allow the public to register on-site.