Parco Ho and Scott Lee, Wah Yan College’s students and members of the Champion team in the “Love‧Continued” Short Video Competition, attended an interview at “Healthpedia” together with Dr. Kelvin Ho and Prof. Chan See-ching. Parco and Scott hoped that the video they produced could impress upon the public in supporting organ donation.  They also emphasized the importance of communicating with their family on the subject.

The “Top Teen” of the first “Angels for Life” program, To Hiu-lam, Cheung Hoi-Yan, and Hui Yee-Nam from St. Catharine’s School For Girls were invited to RTHK1 “Healthpedia” to share their views on organ donation and their experience in organizing promotional activities.

Dr. Kelvin Ho and Mr. Wong Kwok-keung were interviewed at “Happy Daily”, sharing their thoughts on the ways to promote organ donation in a creative manner.

Dr. Kelvin Ho, Prof. Chan See-ching, together with Mr. Hui Pui-to, a liver recipient who has participated in the Sichuan earthquake relief operation, were interviewed at “Free as the Wind”. They discussed the current situation of organ donation in Hong Kong, shared knowledge on brain death, views from the religious perspective, and Pui-to’s experience before and after transplantation.

There was a series of radio promotion activities co-organized by HKOTF and RTHK Radio 1 from October 2018 to July 2019. They included a 20-episode radio drama “器官捐贈愛延續” and 4 radio interviews with a view to promulgating the donor’s spirit of selfless love to the community.

4 radio interviews were conducted in RTHK program “Healthpedia”, “Happy Daily” and “Free as the Wind”:

Radio drama “器官捐贈愛延續”

Produced by HKOTF & RTHK Radio 1

The 20-episode radio drama “器官捐贈愛延續” drama was broadcast from Oct to Dec 2018 to deliver  promote organ donation message and to eliminate misconceptions on the subject through the daily life of a family of four.