The History of Organ Transplant

 Stories of Desperate Lives

In 2017, HKOTF collaborated with the Department of History, Hong Kong Baptist University in undertaking the “Oral History Project of HK Organ Donation and Transplant” , with the participation of students from Hong Kong Baptist University, Heep Yunn School, Queen Elizabeth School and Wa Ying College. 18 stakeholders were interviewed. They included Prof. Sophia Chan, Secretary for Food and Health, pioneers in organ transplant including Dr. Leong Che-hung (first kidney transplant in 1969), Prof. Fan Sheung-tat (first liver transplant in 1991), Dr. Chiu Shui-wah (first heart transplant in 1992) and Dr. Cheung Wai-lun, Project Director of Chinese Medicine Hospital Project Office.

Based on the interviews conducted, HKOTF compiled a book with an aim to share with readers stories of the 18 stakeholders, and the challenges and difficulties they faced in the development of organ transplant and donation in Hong Kong.

The book “Love‧Continued – Hong Kong Organ Donation and Transplant Oral History for 50 years” is compiled by HKOTF,  written by Kitty Ma and published by Joint Publishing (HK). It is available for sale at Joint Publishing (HK), The Commercial Press and Chung Hwa Book Co. (H.K.).