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Message from the President

As an organ transplant brings new hope and life to a patient of organ failure, the donor’s family is dealing with tremendous grief over the loss of their loved one. Organ failure is an serious disease. Medical advancements have not been able to meet the needs of patients of organ failure. Organ donation remains the only source of organs for transplantation. Even with the best care and treatment, patients of organ failure may lose their lives if they do not receive an organ transplant.

However, Hong Kong, like other countries, faces a lack of transplantable organs. Having been in the medical field for almost 30 years, I have witnessed many patients of organ failure, including Ms Mei -Lan Lo, die before the right organ match can be found. I have seen members of their families suffer great sorrow. A right and timely organ transplant can rewrite the outcome. Besides helping the unfortunate patients, we also recognise the need to support the families of organ donors. Our commitment is to do as much as we can for patients, organ donors and their family members.

Hong Kong has promoted organ donation for many years. Although public awareness has increased, the number of registered organ donors remains low. We believe this is due in part to traditional deep-seated Chinese beliefs. I hope to teach future generations about the importance of organ donation and of caring for our donors as we instill the spirit of organ donation into the hearts of Hong Kong people.

Dr. Kelvin Ho
Founding President
Hong Kong Organ Transplant Foundation

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