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Hong Kong Organ Transplant Foundation dedicates to raise public awareness on organ donation through organizing various promotional activities, with a view to help them developing positive value towards organ donation. By doing so, our Foundation hopes to facilitate growth in organ donation registration and raise the organ donation rate.
Our foundation places the emphasis on education for younger generation. Our foundation holds “Angels for life” program, using diverse approaches to enable participating secondary school students to increase their understanding toward organ donation. We wish to nurture students in the program to be “Angels for life”, the advocates for organ donation, who promote and cultivate culture of organ donation to their surroundings. In addition, HKOTF also jointly organizes various projects with other organizations, such as the Oral History of Hong Kong Organ Donation and Transplant Project with Hong Kong Baptist University and other three secondary schools, with the aim to promulgate organ donation message to every corner of our society with diverse approaches.

Please click the pictures below to explore activities organized/participated by HKOTF: