The book “Love ‧ Continued—Hong Kong Organ Donation and Transplant Oral History for 50 Years” contains the stories of 18 stakeholders who had contributed to the history of organ donation and transplantation since the 60s. The stakeholders include medical personnel, government officials, organ recipients, donors and their family. The Foundation has produced 8 episodes, presenting interviews with some of the stakeholders and an introduction of the oral history project, with a view to sharing with the audience the value and importance of organ donation.

Short Video series:

  1. The 50 years of organ transplant history in Hong Kong
  2. An educational experiment – Dr. Ho Kai-leung Kelvin & Prof. Wong Man-kong
  3. The story began in 1969 – Dr. Leong Che-hung
  4. Starting from zero in 1991 – Prof. Fan Sheung-tat
  5. Exploring new directions after the evolution – Dr. Cheung Wai-lun
  6. One liver donated twice Making history of medicine (Part 1) – Ms. So
  7. One liver donated twice Making history of medicine (Part 2) – Ms. So
  8. Benefit others without harming oneself Cadaveric donation – Prof. Chan See-ching