Organ Donation Video Competition was held from October 2021 to June 2022. The competition was organized by Rotary Club of Hong Kong Northwest and Rotary Club of The HUB Hong Kong, co-organized by Hong Kong Organ Transplant Foundation, and fully supported by Department of Health, Rotary International District 3450, Rotaract of Rotary International D3450 , Interact of Rotary International D3450 and Rotary Club of Metropolitan HK. Participants of the Competition submitted creative short videos to promote organ donation, with a view to arousing public awareness on the subject.

The Awards Ceremony was held on 26 June 2022 at Duke of Windsor Social Services Building to mark the end of the Organ Donation Video Competition.

HKOTF was a co-organizer of the Organ Donation Video Competition organized by Rotary Clubs. Dr. Kelvin Ho, President of HKOTF delivered a speech at the Launching Ceremony.