On 20 & 21 Jan 2018, HKAA organized a carnival in Edinburgh Place to celebrate the 100th anniversary since its establishment. There were 100 cars, including antique cars, latest model, and concept car, displayed at the venue. The carnival had attracted car lovers and many other guests to admire the beauty of automobile.

HKOTF was invited to set up a booth at the carnival to promote organ donation. Interactive game was put up to deliver knowledge on organ donation.  Department of Health came to help people register as organ donor on-site.

HKOTF’s initiative to promote understanding on organ donation was greatly supported by HKAA. Dr. Kelvin Ho, the President of HKOTF, received souvenir from HKAA.

Mr. Lawrence Yu, HKAA’s Honorary President, took a picture with Dr. Ho, President of HKOTF, Mr. Lincoln Yu, Vice President of HKOTF, and other committee members.

The game booth allowed people to understand the number of patients waiting for transplantation of different organs.