To support the use of the toolkit, HKOTF has specially produced two videos for two organ recipients respectively. They are the heart recipient Mr. Phan Thanh Vinh “Story of a Life Fighter” and the liver recipient Mr. Hui Pui To, Sam “Unsung Hero”. The Foundation hopes that through their stories, students can understand the life experience and mental journey of organ recipients, especially the changes before and after transplantation, so as to gain a deeper understanding of the meaning of organ donation.

Please click the following link to watch the videos:

Story of a Life Fighter

It is the story of a heart recipient Mr. Phan Thanh Vinh (Sing Sing). Sing Sing had congenital heart disease and was diagnosed with heart failure at the age of 17. He waited for 5 years and finally received heart transplantation. The video describes how he suffered as a patient and how heart transplant has made a change in his life. The video includes interviews with Sing Sing and his peers as well as animation at different parts to make it more interesting.

Unsung Hero

It is the story of a liver recipient Mr. Hui Pui To, Sam. Sam is a retired fireman who has saved many lives throughout the years. Unfortunately, he was diagnosed with liver failure and liver transplant was the only option at that time. Though there were complications in his transplant surgery, he survived after liver donation from a deceased person and continued with his voluntary service to help the needy. The video illustrates Sam’s story through interviews with him and his nephew (liver donor). Props and animation were also used to add interest to the video.