From time to time, HKOTF receives invitations from tertiary students to provide input to their research projects. We mainly arrange interview with them to discuss a variety of issues about organ donation, such as the reasons behind low organ donation rate in Hong Kong and the possibility of lowering the legal age for living donor.  HKOTF hopes to deliver knowledge of organ donation and to clarify people’s misconceptions through our participation in those projects.

Students from different majors of study, including nursing, quantitative finance, mathematics and engineering, discussed with Dr. Kelvin Ho, President of HKOTF about the challenges of organ donation in Hong Kong.

The students from HKU Public Administration Master Program interviewed Dr. Kelvin Ho for their policy research project, which was about lowering of legal age of a living organ donor.

Students from different departments of The Education University of Hong Kong invited Dr. Kelvin Ho to discuss about people’s attitudes towards organ donation at different stages of life.

As invited by students at School of Communication of Hong Kong Baptist University for an editorial coverage in the campus publication “San Po Yan”, Dr. Kelvin Ho had a discussion with students on the establishment of a regular cross-boundary organ transplant mutual assistance mechanism.