With the kind invitation and sponsorship of Exhibition Group Limited, HKOTF set up organ donation promotion and registration booth at the “Hong Kong Outdoor and Sport Expo 2021”, “Extracurricular Activities Festival cum Teaching Materials and Supplies Expo 2022” and “Hong Kong Outdoor and Sport Expo 2023” in the period of 2021 to 2023. Department of Health helped take registration at the booth. Over 400 people registered on-site as organ donors during the Expos.

The promotion activity, which aimed at raising public awareness on organ donation, had received full support of Exhibition Group Limited. Dr. Kelvin Ho, the Founding President of HKOTF, received souvenir from Exhibition Group Limited.

HKOTF received a lot of support from the public on organ donation.

Staff of the Department of Health introduced the Centralised Organ Donation Register to the public and assisted them to make registration on-site.

During the Expo, volunteers of HKOTF appealed for support of the public to register as organ donor.

The game booth set up by HKOTF allowed children to learn about organ donation in a fun way.

Many people come with their families to the promotion booth to play games and register as organ donor.

With the support of Rotary Club of Hong Kong Northwest and the HUB Rotary Club of Hong Kong, HKOTF set up a promotion booth at the “Hong Kong Outdoor and Sport Expo 2023”. HKOTF works together with different community groups to appeal for support on organ donation.